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The Wolbachia Project will soon be moving to Vanderbilt University, to the laboratory of Dr. Seth Bordenstein, who first created this wonderful project here at MBL.

For more information, contact Dr. Seth Bordenstein or Sarah Bordenstein at Vanderbilt University.

The 2017 Wolbachia Workshop was held at Bridgewater State University this April, and it was a great success! We had 11 in-service teachers participating, including some that traveled a long way to be here. It was an impressive group of enthusiastic and creative teachers who made the 2017 workshop a fantastic experience.

Our best wishes to all the teachers and students who have participated in the Wolbachia Project over the years.

Thank you for continuing to inspire us!

Discover the Microbes Within: The Wolbachia Project is an integrative lab series designed to bring real-world scientific research into high school biology classes through inquiry, discovery, biotechnology, and a culture of excellence. Our goals are to engage high school students in nature and real-world research, and to contribute new scientific data on the bacterial endosymbiont Wolbachia pipientis.

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