The Eliminate Dengue Program has put out a doodle cartoon that shows how Wolbachia fights Dengue fever.

Eliminate Dengue

Vietnam is now the the third country to plan on using Wolbachia—infected mosquitoes to eradicate Dengue fever, after Australia and Brazil.

Vietnam and Dengue

Brazil Tries using Wolbachia to Eradicate Dengue — Scientists in Brazil have started working with Wolbachia infected mosquitoes to control Dengue fever, using the same method that is currently being used in Australia.

Brazil and Dengue

A Wolbachia Project success story!
A new publication by high school student Yuan Kang and and teacher Brian Dempsey of Acton Boxborough Regional High School, Acton, MA, on their Wolbachia Project.

Acton Boxborough HS

Insect Innate Immunity Database (IIID): Insect Innate Immunity Database (IIID): An Annotation Tool for Identifying Immune Genes in Insect Genomes, published in PLOS One.

plos one

It's time to get serious about science, an opinion in the Washington Post on the benefits to society from scientific research, Sept 9th, 2012.

Washington Post opinion

Wolbachia Seminar on Dengue/Wolbachia Research — Video of Wolbachia talk by Scott O'Neill at the opening session of the American Society of Microbiology Meeting 2012, June 13th, 2012. The Wolbachia section starts at 17:26 in the video.

American Society of Microbiology Meeting 2012

Mosquitoes Remade — Scientists reinvent agents of illness to become allies in fight against disease using Wolbachia infected mosquitoes - Article in Science News, July 14th, 2012.

science news mosquito

NRI researchers discover new potential weapon against crop pests with Wolbachia, June 7th, 2012.

army worm on crop

Genetically Engineered Mosquitoes Released Into the Wild — article in, June 24th, 2012.

updated news mosquito

A Scientist's 20–Year Quest to Defeat Dengue Fever using Wolbachia infected mosquitoes — Listen to the story on NPR's Morning Edition, June 7th, 2012.


Science of a Superorganism — article in Bare Essentials Magazine by Seth R. Bordenstein.
Download a copy of the paper and see more information on Seth R. Bordenstein's blog.

dna and earth helix

Invasion of Wolbachia into Anopheles and Other Insect Germlines in an Ex vivo Organ Culture System, a new article in the journal PLoS One by Grant L. Hughes et al.

PLOS Article

The Roles of Host Evolutionary Relationships (Genus: Nasonia) and Development in Structuring Microbial Communities, a new article in the journal Evolution by Robert M. Brucker and Seth R. Bordenstein.

CIDD Article

Widespread Wolbachia infection in terrestrial isopods and other crustaceans.

A new article in the journal ZooKeys reports on Wolbachia infection in fourteen new crustacean species. The results extend the range of Wolbachia infections in terrestrial isopods and amphipods (class Malacostraca).

Wolbachia is getting lots of attention for curbing the transmission of dengue virus in mosquitoes. Expanding on that effort, this study shows what Wolbachia can do to malaria parasites in mosquitoes:

Plasmodium berghei infection is enhanced by a Wolbachia strain in mosquitoes.
At CIDD, Center for Infectious Disease Dynamics at Penn State University, scientists study the effect of two different Wolbachia strains on the rodent malaria parasite Plasmodium berghei.

CIDD Article

Modified mosquitoes set to quash dengue fever:.
Wolbachia infection expected to halt virus transmission in Australian trial
Nature news

Nature Article

New article by Seth Bordenstein on the Nasonia–Wolbachia–phage tripartite symbiosis

PLoS Article

Scientists are preparing for a new round of field trials in a project aimed at ridding far north Queensland of dengue fever: Stronger bacteria trialled in dengue fight

Radio discussion on Wolbachia Audio: TWiP 34 — Up against the Wolbachia at
Vincent and Dickson discuss control of malaria and filariasis with the bacterial endosymbiont Wolbachia

Wolbachia article from Seth Bordenstein: Evolutionary Genomics of a Temperate Bacteriophage in an Obligate Intracellular Bacteria (Wolbachia)

Wolbachia article on ARS Technica: Meet Wolbachia: the male–killing, gender–bending, gonad–eating bacteria

Australian scientists have released thousands of specially bred mosquitoes in a trial to stop the spread of dengue fever

The Scientist Dengue Mosquitoes

Big news on the Wolbachia front. Field trials in Australia indicate Wolbachia is one of our great hopes for curing dengue fever.

The Scientist Dengue Mosquitoes

More coverage on this story can also be heard on NPR:
Better You Than Me: Scientists Sicken Mosquitoes To Stop Dengue

New research out on Wolbachia residing in golgi–related vesicles.
MicrobiologyBytes » Blog Archive » Where's Wolbachia?

Microbiobytes article

Yuan Kang and Brian Dempsey's report on their 2008 Envisionship project "Investigating the Presence of Wolbachia pipientis in Various Mosquito Species" was published as the featured article in the July issue of the Journal of Experimental Secondary Science.

Kang Dempsey Article
(Click image to download pdf document)

ScienceDaily on Wolbachia bacteria reduce parasite levels:
Can Wolbachia Symbionts Eradicate Malaria? It's a long journey to do so, but here's one step closer to getting there.

science daily article

Scientific American on Outsmarting Dengue Fever:
Why one scientist is vaccinating mosquitoes, not patients.

scientific american article

Molecular Ecology Resources on Wolbachia detection:
Various 16S primer sets for PCR amplification efficiency were tested. Some are significantly better than others (e.g., WSpec) but no single protocol can ensure the specific detection of all known Wolbachia infections.

molecular ecology article

Science on Rapid Insect Evolution by Symbiont Transfer:
An overview on insect symbionts accompanying a Science paper on the spread of Rickettsia in whiteflies.

science article
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Jack Werren talks with and answers a few questions about New Hot Papers paper in the field of Plant & Animal Science, Sept. 2010.

plos article
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Cheryl Kerfeld and Kathleen Scott use BLAST to teach e–value–tionary concepts.

plos article
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"Using the Wolbachia Bacterial Symbiont to Teach Inquiry–Based Science: A High School Laboratory Series" is the feature article in the Oct. issue of The American Biology Teacher, the journal of the National Association of Biology Teachers. Special kudos to Michael Clark for the awesome cover image!

ABT Paper
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Journalist Lauren Urban joined us in Woods Hole for the April 2010 Wolbachia workshop. Her article "Bringing Research to High Schools" can be found at The Scientist Magazine.

Wolbachia: more than just a bug in insects genitals highlights the positive ecological benefits Wolbachia may provide to their insect hosts.

February 2010 Article
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From Focus on Microbiology Education:
Overview article about the Wolbachia Project by Seth Bordenstein (Fall 2007).

News: Virus benefits insect hosts (Aug. 20th, 2009).

Wolbachia: master manipulators of invertebrate biology
Nature Reviews Microbiology, October 2008.

nature reviews microbiology
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Check out this post on Small Things Considered — The Microbe Blog:
Jumping Genes, Wolbachia Style (Nov. 10th, 2008).

From The University of Rochester News:
One Species' Genome Discovered Inside Another's (Aug. 30th, 2007).

Biological identifications through DNA barcodes
Hebert et al., 2003

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Wolbachia Research News
Butterflies fight back against Wolbachia

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